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Clearview Custom Homes

Bryan Benson


Bryan Benson of Clearview Custom Homes in San Angelo is no stranger to the contractor world and he’s prouder than ever to be doing business in West Texas. Bryan started Clearview Custom Homes in January of 2016 in San Angelo. Since then, there’s been no turning back, and they rely on City Lumber for a majority of their building needs. 

Benson grew up in Plainview, near Lubbock, and has every reason to love Texas. He comes from a banking background and moved to San Angelo to pursue a career in that field. He’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit and has also worked in real estate and insurance. While working in San Angelo, he would frequently visit Lubbock to see one of his good friends, Kevin Reed. Bryan and Kevin became friends while attending Texas Tech, and after Kevin graduated in 2004 with an architecture degree, he started his own contractor business right there in Lubbock. Enter the beginning of Clearview Custom Homes, one of the largest custom home builders in Lubbock.

“His homes and his architecture style were something that San Angelo needed,” says Benson. “It was vastly different than what I was used to down here.” After many discussions and Benson’s experience with budgets, numbers, and analytics, they decided together that Bryan would come onboard with Clearview Custom Homes and start a chapter in San Angelo. 

“We decided to try it,” says Benson. “We got started right away and it’s really just grown from there. It’s been a blessing.” Benson has definitely put in his share of work as well. “I still kept a full-time job when we began, so we started slow with two spec homes. Word of mouth worked great for us and we were able to grow at our own pace,” says Benson. “As we got our feet wet and got going, business started taking off.”

The idea was to bring Kevin’s designs and ideas down to San Angelo since it was something that the market needed. “San Angelo has this tight-knit community and we stay true to who we are. We rely on each other and help each other prosper, it’s just what we do,” says Benson. While there are definitely some aspects of the job that stay true to form, such as the craftsmanship and the quality of work, there are some things that change. “The trends keep changing!” says Benson. “We adapt, and we keep up with the changing trends as they come and go.”

Benson knows that he owes a lot of credit to the people who help him daily, including his family. “My wife Chelsie, oh my gosh she helps a ton,” says Benson. He has two kids, a 10-year-old named Blaize and an 8-year-old daughter named Blakely who put a lot of the excitement into his every day. Kevin Reed is Benson’s partner in Lubbock and he is always grateful for the partnership that they have. “Moses Vela is my Foreman and he is great, he’s the man on the job and has been a true blessing for us.” Moses has been with Clearview Custom Homes in San Angelo roughly one year. 

“Watching our customers’ faces when they come into their home and see it for the first time is the most enjoyable thing to me,” says Benson. “Handing over the keys to them when we’re done is one of the best feelings in the world. Our custom house that we did on the top of Imperial Court is one of my favorite projects ever. It’s a beautiful 2-story home!”

When it comes to their supplies, they have always relied on City Lumber & Wholesale. “They’ve been our supplier for windows, doors and everything else they provide – we sure use them for a lot,” says Benson. They offer a local touch that others can’t offer. "Jackson, Cooper, and JD are all about my age and I’ve known them even before I was in the building business.”

A 2019 Parade of Homes House by Clearview Custom Homes, LLC.

A 2019 Parade of Homes House by Clearview Custom Homes, LLC.